"I have become the open-minded and curious person I am today through the creative education I received when I was a child" 

Alexandra Dreier 

Impressions from the Art Workshops at Kayanga Primary School in 2016

In Tanzania we continuously we are planning to provide art workshops for 94 children at Kayanga Primary School in the region of Kagera in Tanzania. Alexandra has developed a teaching guide for the teachers at Kayanga Primary School because when she conducted her first art workshops in summer 2016 the teachers told her that they would love to include art education into their teaching or give after school workshops but the in their teacher training they did not get the chance to learn a lot about how to teach creativly and how to teach for creativity. This teaching aid is now to be tranlsted in order to be used for teacher workshops at Kayanga Primary School. The art workshops for the children are going to focus on impoving creative thinking, gaining self confidence, developing team work abilities and enhancing communication skills, rather than training the children in arts and crafts, although this can also be a part of it. The aim is to empower children to think for themselves and make them ready for what awaits them in life!