PROJECT TRIP JAMBO SANAA 2017 – My faux pas when meeting the District Educational Officer | KAYANGA,

After our project visits in Nairobi and Kampala, it was time to go back to Tanzania, specifically to Kayanga. After a quick stop over in Bukoba, where we had a lovely dinner with the Jambo Bukoba family, we took the Dala Dala (verrrrrry small bus ;-)) to Kayanga.

Abella had arranged several meetings with the District Educational Officers and other government authorities, so we could introduce our project to them. In order to look decent, I brought a black dress with me, which I thought would be perfect for the meetings. But already on the way I realised that it might have been a liiiiittle short :D… so after our first meeting, Abella pulled me aside and told that my skirt was too short and that she has to give me some Kitenge (a kind of fabric) to make my skirt longer. I was SO embarrassed, OMG! But well, in the end it was all fine:

It was really really wonderful to see Abella presenting Jambo Sanaa to them, very confidently and proud! And they were all very supportive! They agreed that art can be very beneficial for children to express themselves in a different way, but also to learn Life Skills that can help them in their future lives.

We also got to meet with two radio stations where we could present the project again! The director of Radio Fadeco told us as well that we have all his support; whenever we want to present something we can just approach him!

It was so wonderful to receive all that positivity about Jambo Sanaa – keeps the motivation going ;-)

And then, finally, we had a little art workshop with the children of Kayanga Primary School because Renate from Jambo Bukoba had given me some papers and pens to give to the children. Asante sana Renate!

We had such a productive and incredibly wonderful time!

A big ASANTE SANA again to Stephen, Abella and Tim who made this trip so successful!

Now, I have just come back from the CONNECT Project Camp in Bozen, Italy, where was working on transforming all the inspiration we got from the trip into action steps, as well as reflecting upon whether all our ideas we’ve had so far are really valuable to the what we want to achieve with the project.

Furthermore I organised an art exhibition in Dachau (near Munich) on the topic of “Where do I want to go in Life? People form Germany and Tanzania” of which you can find the details below (in German):

Ausstellung: “Wo will ich hin im Leben? Menschen in Tansania und Deutschland”

Ort: Dachauer Wasserturm e.V.

Wann: 16. Bis 20. August 2017


  • Vernissage: 15. August, 19 Uhr

  • Finissage: 20. August, 17 Uhr

  • Öffnungszeiten: 16. - 20. August, 10 - 18 Uhr

  • Filmvorführung "Süßes Gift - Hilfe als Geschäft" + Gespräch: Freitag, 18. August, 19 Uhr

  • Workshops mit Kindern: Mittwoch, 16. August, Donnerstag 17. August (Link zur Anmeldung hier

  • Podiumsdiskussion “Entwicklungszusammenarbeit in Afrika”: Sonntag 20. August, 17 Uhr (Link zur Anmeldung hier)

#empowerment #government #jambobukoba #jambosanaa #art #education #districteducationalofficer #lakevictoria #children

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