Empowering children means empowering their teachers first...

In 2018 we are going to have our first teacher workshops to be conducted based on the "Arts, Creativity and Education" teaching guide that Alexandra has written. The aim is to give the teachers at Kayanga Primary School training so they can apply the newly learned methods of how to teach creativity and how to teach for creativity to their lessons and the after school art workshops. These teachers can in the future then teach teachers from other schools in the region.

This participaroy approach is crucial for such a sustainable development project. Alexandra learned this when she conducted her first art workshop at Kayanga Primary School in 2016. She understood that heer role is to inspire (through her skills and knowlegde) and to assist but the teachers in Tanzania can and should do the teaching themselves because they have the connection to the children, know the langauge (Swahili) and just need some further training and motivation to crack it ;-)



Pictures will come soon!